Galesville Area Chamber of Commerce


Future Minded - Historically Proud


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Our Mission Statement

"The purpose of this organization is to promote growth and development of the Galesville area through revitalization, beautification, preservation, economic development and tourism."

Promotion and Tourism Committee
To promote a unified Galesville Business District that provides activities, services and goods to businesses and consumers both from within and outside the Galesville area.

Historic Preservation, Beautification and Design Committee
To create an attractive and coordinated "look" for the business district and outlying areas including the integration of architecture, landscaping and signage by capitalizing on Galesville's unique assets and heritage and assist in providing for their use.

Economic Revitalization and Development Committee
To provide a marketing strategy that will result in an improved mix of retail, commercial, industrial and residential development which will strengthen the tax base and build investor confidence in the growth of Galesville's economy.

Organization and Membership Committee
To provide the needed resources through an active recruitment program for volunteers and the necessary funding to support the programs and to communicate to all supporters of progress that is being made.

Agri-Business Committee
To preserve the agricultural economy and lands in our community through the promotion of and education about all the various forms of agriculture in our community.



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